eSign Services

eSign service is an electronic signature service as per the second schedule of Information Technology Act. eMudhra is a licensed certifying authority empanelled by Controller of Certifying Authorities to operate as eSign Service Provider.

eMudhra eSign service enables Application Service Providers (ASP) to enable their users to electronically sign documents using Aadhaar number. This will be a valid legal signature, in accordance to India IT Act. (Equivalent to existing Digital Signature)

eSign services from eMudhra allows easy, efficient and secure signing of the documents. This service allows any Aadhaar holder to digitally sign an electronic document without having to obtain a physical digital signature certificate (in USB Crypto Token).

Application Service Providers (ASP) can integrate this service within their application to offer Aadhaar holders a way to sign electronic forms and documents. eMudhra eSign service, offers applications a mechanism to replace manual paper based signatures by integrating this service within their applications.

How eMudhra eSign service Works?

ASP sends the request for electronic signature with the inputs Aadhaar Number, Authentication parameter (OTP/Biometric) and Document Hash and obtains the response from eMudhra eSign Service which has Consolidated PKCS #7 Response, Userx509 certificate and Signature Data.


Who can become ASP?

The agency which desires to integrate eSign service of eMudhra should either be:

  • A Central/ State Government Ministry / Department or an undertaking owned and managed by Central / State Government, or
  • An Authority constituted under the Central / State Act, or
  • A Not-for-profit company / Special Purpose organization of national importance, or
  • A bank / financial institution / telecom company, or
  • A legal entity registered in India

How to avail?

An eligible ASP organization can approach eMudhra for the procedure to become ASP. This basically includes an application form, the KYC process, the technical integration to Preproduction environment and getting into a formal agreement.

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